Deena allows Spirit to take control and guide her in providing insight and guidance to her clients in all areas of their lives. Sometimes Spirit does this through the client’s own angels or divine guides, sometimes with power animals, sometimes it is through spirits of ones that have passed. Sometimes a spirit of a client’s own past life might come through. This all depends upon what Spirit has in store for the client.

She will call on Spirit for answers to support the client’s highest good and intentions. Channeling whatever sources Spirit provides at the time and will give insight and guidance while looking at the past, present and future, according to her client’s needs.

Deena provides the following services to support you in finding the clarity you seek along the many twists and turns of life’s path. Through one-on-one psychic readings, Deena will provide deep awareness and guidance with clear direction for your daily life. She consults your spirits and her own. As described below, psychic readings can be done in person, via telephone or email. Deena also does group sessions.

“If someone wants to speak with someone that has passed over, I can ask for them and see if they come through,” Deena explains. “I have never had someone who doesn’t want to come through for a client, but it is up to Spirit if they want to come through and if it is time for them to come through.”

Individual Readings
Deena Janel will answer approximately 5 questions for a half hour session and 10 questions for an hour session. This can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype.
Your investment is $40 for a half hour and $75 for a full hour reading

Group Readings
Deena will come to a group and read the host and friends individually. A private place for the individual readings must be provided.
The group investment is $80 per hour, for a maximum of four hours

NOTE: Deena takes her connection to the higher realms and her clients’ welfare seriously, so she will not read anyone who is intoxicated nor participate in a party where the patrons think the psychic realm is a joke. Please do not contact her for these types of events.

Email Readings
If you have a few, specific questions that you would like answered, rather than sit for a half or full hour reading, you can email Deena Janel with your question(s). Deena channels spirit guides through automatic writing and transcribes their guidance as it comes through.
Investment is $10 per question or 8 questions for $70

Past Life Regression
Whether you are curious if you have lived before or you want more clarity about your current life, past life regression can answer many of your questions. Sometimes when you have an illness or feel unsettled in your body, mind or spirit, you could actually be dealing with issues from a past life.

Also, karma from a past life can influence your current life. Just simply having the knowledge of a past life and being able to bring it to the surface can help resolve the problem and allow the healing to begin. This can enable a person to stop tripping over the past, possibly correct the wrongs of a past life and leave it behind, as well as the bad influence it may have over your current life. Deena channels her shamanic powers to access your past life information. Past life regressions are done in person or over the phone.
Investment is $85

Soul Retrieval
Often when you go through trauma in your life, a part of your soul may leave so that you can get through the experience. This could happen because of a situation such as a divorce, the death of a loved one or suffering from abuse. Channeling shamanic powers, Deena will go to the different parts of a client’s life and bring back those missing, splintered pieces in order for the client to heal, retrieve that part of the soul which was lost and move on with their life in a positive way. Soul Retrieval is done in person or over the phone.
Investment is $85

Reiki is a healing system in which the practitioner lays her hands on the client’s fully clothed body in a prescribed pattern that channels life energy, causing it to flow through her to the client, accelerating and strengthening the healing process.

Life energy is essential; it is the energy we need to get through the day, to heal, to power our lives. Our lives suffer if its level is low or if it is blocked. Your life energy moves through chakras or energy centers in your body and if they are balanced and spinning freely the life energy can flow freely and abundantly through your body so a high level of health and well-being can be achieved.

Deena has been trained in the Usui System of Reiki and will use this modality on her clients to balance and align the chakras so they work in harmony and spin freely. While performing Reiki, she receives messages from Spirit as to why your chakras are out of equilibrium.

The treatment is most successful when the client is open to healing and becoming aware of the energy. Reiki promotes healing of physical as well as mental and emotional pain.

Deena’s Usui training has also given her the ability to perform distance Reiki, where she can send Reiki to a client’s energy body from a distant location. As with an in-person treatment, she consults with Spirit to balance your chakras and get your life energy moving freely.
Investment is $35 for ½ hour treatment, $60 for 1 hour treatment (in person or distance)

Payment and Policies

For all her services, Deena Janel accepts PayPal, check, credit card or cash. Payment is expected either prior to the session or at the start of the session. A 24 hour notice of need-to-cancel policy is in effect in both directions.

Refund Policy
Refunds may be provided for a private session if a client feels a lack of connection during a session or call. However, after the session has ended, if the client has not expressed dissatisfaction, it is assumed the client was satisfied and a refund will not be made. Deena has never had anyone request a refund because they were dissatisfied, but she wants all of her clients to feel that their investment was satisfied and they have received the guidance they paid for.

Privacy Policy
Deena Janel respects the privacy of all of her clients and keeps everything discussed during every session strictly confidential. Your name, personal information and anything the two of you have discussed will never be shared with anyone else.

Deena does not record your session, but you are willing to record a copy for your own use.

As mentioned is the description of some of the services, Deena does utilize automatic writing to channel Spirit and receive guidance. In these instances, there will be writing, but it is destroyed after the session (unless the client asks for it to be sent to them directly or given to them in person).

The only exception to this privacy policy is any case where a client makes a threat to harm themselves or another. In such cases, your privacy cannot always be guaranteed.